beetroot juice

How to make beetroot juice using a blender

This beetroot juice is a detox drink that actually tastes good!

How to make beetroot juice using a blender

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 2 minutesCook time: 1 minuteTotal time: 3 minutesServings:1 cupCalories:28 kcal


Here I am going to show you, how you can make a healthy detox drink using beetroot, apple, and carrots. You can make it using your blender, you do not need a juicer! This drink is a healthy detoxifying and anti-inflammatory drink, that is full of vitamins and minerals! and as a bonus, it tastes great as well ūüôā



  1. Combine the beetroot, apple, carrot and ginger pieces along with a cup of water and blend until smooth
  2. Strain it using a cheese cloth
  3. All done!
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