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How to make Halloween treats with oreo cookies-Spooky Spider dora cakes

Of all the possible halloween treats that I came up with, ‚ÄúFooky Fiders‚ÄĚ is what my 3 yr old son chose ūüôā

How to make Halloween treats with oreo cookies-Spooky Spider dora cakes

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 10 minutesMaking oreo spiders: 20 minutesServings:4 spiders


These spiders are made of Oreo Dora cakes filled with Nutella. The spiders legs are chocolate coated mini pretzels and the spooky red eyes are MnMs!



    Making oreo pancakes

  1. Crush 10 oreo cookies to a smooth powder in a regular coffee grinder
  2. Add 6 tbsp. of milk to get it to a pourable pancake like consistency (you make need to add a little more milk to get to the correct consistency)
  3. Add baking powder and mix
  4. Set a non stick pan on medium heat
  5. Grease the pan with a little bit of butter (don’t use too much butter, if not it may burn)
  6. Add 1 tbsp. of batter. You should be able to make 8-10 pancakes
  7. Let the pancakes cool down (if not your nutella filling will melt lol!)
  8. Making Spider legs

  9. Break mini pretzels into arch shapes (refer to the video below)
  10. Melt dark chocolate in a microwave in 20sec bursts
  11. Add coconut oil to the melted chocolate to thin it out
  12. Pour the melted chocolate on the pretzel spider legs and coat them thoroughly
  13. Place the legs (individually, so they don’t stick to each other) on a baking rack
  14. The chocolate should harden in 5-10 at room temperature. If they don’t harden, stick them in the refrigerator for 5 min
  15. Making a spider

  16. Add 1 tbsp. Nutella in between 2 pancakes and press down the circumference of the pancakes
  17. Smear some Nutella on the pancake and cover with chocolate sprinkles. (This is optional, but does give the spider some texture)
  18. Poke 8 spider legs into the pancake
  19. Apply some Nutella on 2 MnMs (I chose red ones) and stick eyes on the pancakes


  • If you want to fill the Dora cakes with oreo cream, then scrape of the cream from the cookies before grinding the cookies. Fill the pancakes with the cream that you set aside!
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