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How to make Bengali Bhoger Payesh- Durga Pujo Special Recipe

Here is the recipe of perfectly creamy Bhoger Payesh along with 4 tips to get it right, everytime!

How to make Bengali Bhoger Payesh- Durga Pujo Special Recipe

Difficulty:BeginnerSoak time:1 hour Cook time: 20 minutesServings:2 servings


Durga Pujo is incomplete without Bhoger Payesh! Here is the recipe to make perfectly creamy payesh with simple ingredients! Also, check out the notes sectio, for tips to get the payesh right!



  1. Soak rice in some water for 1 hr at least
  2. Soak the cashew nuts and raisins in warm water before starting to cook the payesh
  3. Set a pot on medium heat and add full fat milk
  4. Stir the milk until it comes to a rolling boil
  5. Add the pre-soaked rice along with one bay leaf, two cracked cardamoms and ghee
  6. Keep stirring and scraping bottom and sides of the pot, so the milk doesn’t burn
  7. Cook the rice till it feels completely soft (the rice should be mashed easily when pressed slightly, if not it will harden when the payesh cools down). This should take ~18-20 min of boiling
  8. Turn down the heat, and add sugar (to taste) as well as the soaked nuts and raisins
  9. The payesh will turn slightly thinner after the sugar melts. Stir for a minute till it comes back to the original creamy consistency
  10. Check out he notes section for 4 tips to make perfect payesh!


  • Pre-soak the rice for at least 1 hr before adding it to the milk. If you don’t pre-soak the rice, even if the rice grains will seemed to have boiled, when the payesh cools down, the rice grains will harden slightly
  • The ratio of milk to rice should be 1L milk to 40g rice. If you take more rice, you may end up with rice halwa and if you use less rice, the milk will take a long time to reduce to the right consistency
  • Add the sugar after the rice grains have completely boiled. If you add it beforehand, the rice grains will take a lot longer to boil
  • If the payesh turns out too dense, add some hot milk to bring it to the consistency of your liking
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