How to make Restaurant Style Butter Chicken/ Murgh Makhani

Try making butter chicken like this and you won’t be ordering it from a restaurant anytime soon!

Restaurant Style Butter Chicken/ Murgh Makhani

Difficulty:IntermediatePrep time: 30 minutesCook time: 30 minutesTotal time:1 hour Servings:6 servings


Tender Succulent Smoky chicken pieces in a Silky Smooth Buttery tomato sauce! This is one of the most popular dishes ordered in Indian restaurants, and now, you can make it in your kitchen!


    Brining the chicken

  • Fresh Garam masala

  • Chicken Marinade

  • For smoking the chicken

  • Gravy


    Fresh garam masala

  1. Grind the following to a powder and store in an airtight container
  2. Cinnamon sticks: 2 inch pieces
  3. Cloves: half a teaspoon
  4. Green cardamoms: half a teaspoon
  5. Bay leaves: 2 medium sized
  6. Star anise: 1
  7. Brining chicken breasts

  8. Add 4 cups of water to 500 g of chicken breast
  9. To this add 2 tablespoons of salt and mix well
  10. Keep this refrigerated for two hours at least
  11. After refrigeration rinse the chicken thoroughly and cut them into bite-size pieces
  12. Marinating the chicken

  13. Add half a teaspoon of ginger garlic paste, 1 teaspoon of garlic paste, half a teaspoon of coriander powder, half a teaspoon of kashmiri red chili powder, half a teaspoon of fresh garam masala, half a teaspoon of crushed kasuri methi or fenugreek leaves (you can crush them by rubbing it in between your palms), half a teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of thick yogurt
  14. Mix thoroughly
  15. Let this marinate for at least 30 minutes
  16. Cooking the chicken

  17. Set a pan on high heat and add one tablespoon oil to it
  18. Add 1 tablespoon butter
  19. When the butter melts add the marinated chicken and stir fry the chicken on high heat for 5 minutes
  20. Make sure that the heat is high if not the chicken is going to give off a lot of water!
  21. Smoking the chicken

  22. Transfer the chicken to a bowl and smoke it with a piece of burning charcoal (placed in a small metal bowl) for five minutes.
  23. You can also barbecue the chicken to get a smoky flavor.
  24. Keep the chicken covered at all times so it’s stays tender.
  25. You can heat up the coal directly on a gas flame or with the help of any charcoal lighter fluid available to you. Don’t forget to use tongs!
  26. Making the Gravy

  27. Set a pan on medium heat and add approximately 2 tablespoons of oil
  28. Add onion, garlic, and cashew nuts
  29. Stir the onion and garlic for approximately a minute
  30. Add the tomatoes (Make sure that the tomatoes are ripe and red in order to get a nice red color gravy)
  31. Cook the tomatoes for approximately 10 minutes till they’re soft and mushy
  32. Once the tomatoes are cooked through, press down the pieces on a strainer (using a masher or spatula) over a bowl
  33. Blend the rest of the tomato and onion pieces into a smooth mixture
  34. Strain it into the same bowl
  35. Add 1 tablespoon of butter in a pan set on medium heat
  36. Pour the tomato sauce in, add kashmiri red chilli powder, fresh garam masala and crushed fenugreek leaves
  37. Add the chicken
  38. Mix well with the gravy
  39. Please the lid and let it cook for approximately three minutes
  40. Add salt and sugar to taste
  41. Add the last tablespoon of butter followed by heavy cream
  42. Garnish with coriander leaves


  • Chicken breasts taste better than chicken thighs in this recipe, but you need to brine them so they stay nice and tender
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