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How to make Besan Ki Barfi -Diwali Sweets

Diwali is around the corner, so lets make some Besan ki Barfi!

How to make Besan Ki Barfi -Diwali Sweets

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 5 minutesCook time: 30 minutesTime to solidify:4 hours Servings:9 Large Barfis


Diwali is around the corner so it’s time to make some sweets! Do you want a super simple recipe for making a perfect Besan Ki barfi? This is a totally hassle free recipe where there is no necessity of making any sugar syrup separately! Everything will be made in one pan and the barfi will turn out perfect! Happy Diwali!



  1. Set a large pan or Kadhai on medium heat and add Besan 
  2. Dry roast the Besan for 2 min. This helps any trapped moisture to evaporate
  3. If the Besan that you are using is the finely ground type, then add 1 tbsp. of Semilina or Sooji
  4. Mix well and add ghee in
  5. Mix the Besan well with the ghee
  6. The Besan will absorb all the ghee and feel heavy and dense at this point
  7. Continues to mix the ghee with the Besan by pressing down with a spatula
  8. After 10 min of cooking the Besan will start to have a moist texture
  9. If the Besan doesn’t turn moist at this point, add another tbsp. of ghee
  10. The Besan will feel pasty once the ghee is mixed in
  11. Turn down the heat and keep roasting the Besan till it turns wonderfully aromatic and acquires a golden brown color. This should take approximately 10 min
  12. Turn off the heat
  13. Grind granulated sugar to a super fine powder and add that to the Besan
  14. Add a pinch of yellow food color (optional)
  15. Add some green cardamom powder
  16. Mix everything well
  17. Set the pan on low heat and keep stirring until the sugar melts and the forms a smooth paste with the Besan. This should take approximately 10 min
  18. Turn off the heat
  19. Pour the paste into a tray greased with ghee
  20. Let the barfi set at room temperature for 2-4 hrs (you can receive for 15-20 min instead of you like, but setting it at room temperature gives a better texture)
  21. Cut the barfi with a knife that has been warmed in warm water (if not, the Besan may crumble)
  22. The barfis can be stored for upto a month at room temperature. You can store it longer in the refrigerator but let it soften to room temperature (before having it) so the texture wont be too hard


  • Tips
  • 1) Make sure to roast the besan in ghee for a long time so the raw smell of Besan is completely eliminated
  • 2) If the Besan that you are using is of coarse texture, there is no need to add any semolina
  • 3) Don’t add excess ghee, if the Besan feels dry, a little ghee can be added later 
  • 4) Grind the sugar as fine as you can, and cook the sugar slowly on low heat so that all the sugar melts and no sugar crystals remain.
  • 5) Storing the barfis at room temperature is best. Refrigerating it makes them considerably harder
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