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How to make Mango Milk Powder Burfi-Quick Mango dessert

Mango Milk Powder burfi is a delectable dessert that you can make in 10 min!

How to make Mango Milk Powder Burfi-Quick Mango dessert

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 2 minutesCook time: 8 minutesServings:12 servings Best Season:Summer


This Mango dessert is probably the quickest mango sweet you have ever made! It’s a one pot recipe and takes less than 10 min to make!



  1. Use a non-stick pan for this recipe, so that the ingredients don’t stick too much to the pan
  2. Make a purée of a ripe mango using a blender. Try to use a Mango that is not too fibrous. If it is fibrous, you may want to strain the purée 
  3. Add 1 cup milk to the blender jar and blend till it mixes well with the mango pulp
  4. Keep the heat turned off and add ghee, oil, mango pulp+milk, sugar, milk powder, salt, kesar and cardamom powder
  5. Turn the heat on to low/medium and keep stirring till the sugar dissolves
    Check for sweetness and add more sugar if needed
  6. Keep stirring for another 5-6 minutes or until the mixture gets a dough like consistency 
  7. Keep stirring the dough till it easily glides in the surface of the pan
  8. If you can easily make a small ball with the dough and it is not sticky, the dough is ready
  9. Let the dough cool down slightly and while it is still warm to touch, knead it well
  10. You may add a little ghee on the work surface so the dough looks shiny (this is optional)
  11. Roll the dough into a log 
  12. Roll it over some kesar, slivered pistachios and almonds. Press down slightly while rolling the dough, so the nuts stick well
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